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Restrictions For Travellers Under Program (ESTA APPLICATION)

ESTA APPLICATION informs, The new laws improvement for travelers under the ESTA program; established new eligibility requirements to apply the changes in the Law Improvement Visa Waiver Program and Prevention of Terrorist Travel 2015.

ESTA APPLICATION informs, All citizens who belong to the visa waiver program who have traveled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria after March, 2011, or who are nationals of these countries mentioned above shall not apply to apply for an ESTA travel authorization.

These new restrictions will not apply to travelers whose presence in these countries were for the purpose of official duties as employees of the government of a country program, or enforce any military service. From the 21st of January 2016 were sent via email then notified that your current ESTA travel authorization will no longer be valid.

This new law includes some other changes in the visa waiver program, to promote greater information of criminal data or terrorist acts. The use Interpol database and information for detecting border and prevent the use of stolen documents, and track people who have traveled to conflict areas to join terrorist organizations.
ESTA APPLICATION informs, Even bear in mind that social networks are becoming essential in the daily life of human beings, to such a level that the US government is considering the option of reviewing the social networks of any citizen who try to apply for a visa to enter your country.
ESTA APPLICATION informs, And this has to do, of course, with the shooting and killing of 14 people that occurred late last year in San Bernardino County. When One of the attackers entered the country with a legal visa approved without raising any alarm, but later discovered he was expressing support for terrorism through their social networks.

ESTA APPLICATION informs, And the US government streamlines more security measures for reviewing each traveler looking to enter the country.



Posted: October 11, 2016
Category: General Information
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