Delivery & Refunds

Once you have completed the ESTA application form and your application is approved by the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, we will send an email to you, with the travel authorization confirmation document in PDF format, if you have no access to your email account or to a printer, we can also deliver the travel authorization confirmation document by postal mail or Fax. You can also request different file format for the email delivery, including but not limited to: jpg, png, bmp, etc . We can convert the travel authorization confirmation document to ANY electronic format you may need it.

Click here to contact us in order to request a special delivery method. Please be specific when explaining your request.



The application fee is $74 all inclusive with CBP’s application fee.

The customer is entitled for a full refund only when the visa waiver approval is not sent in 24 hours after application is made, also when the status of the application is: “Travel not authorized”.

Questions and inquiries about fees and refunds, please email to:




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